Monday, January 13, 2014

Traveling To a Another Country Over May Term - Don't Forget Mango Languages in Your Preparation!

It's very exciting to visit another country and there are several  such trips planned for May Term 2014.

To make your experience more fulfilling, you might want to learn some basic phrases in the language of that country, or if you're already somewhat familiar with the language you might want to delve a little deeper or give yourself a refresher.

That's where Mango Languages comes in.   Mango is an online language-learning system that can help you learn languages like Spanish, French, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Mandarin Chinese, Greek, Italian and more.  In fact, there are currently sixty-one different languages available for you to learn.  In addition to the languages you can also learn a little bit of the culture of the area you are traveling with pointers on etiquette embedded in your language lessons. 

For the group traveling to Israel - Modern Hebrew is for you.  Shalom! Bokher tov! means Hello! Good morning. and you learn it in the very first basic lesson.  Even if you don't plan to become fluent in the language you will hopefully be able to have a polite conversation with the good people of Israel.  You can also learn a little Arabic if you wish to converse with the non-Israelis who live in Israel.

The Criminal Justice class going to Italy can take advantage of the course on Italian within Mango Languages.  Dr. Warren's course on early urban Christianity will start in Italy and end in Greece, so students can take advantage of both the Italian and modern Greek courses.  

Ecuador students have the option of the South American Spanish course while students traveling to China can learn some basic Chinese (just make sure you choose Cantonese and not Mandarin Chinese - there is a big difference).

Perhaps you plan on your own trip overseas at some point in time, or maybe you'd like to live in a
non-English-speaking country for a while.  Mango languages can be your first step in learning to live like a native.

When you first get into Mango Languages make sure you register.  This allows you to keep up with your own lessons and where you are (you may also repeat lessons as often as you feel you need to).  Registration is also the first step if you'd like to use Mango Languages mobile apps which are available for both Apple iPhones and iPads.  There is also an Android app.  To access these apps you'll use the same registration you set up for Mango.

So try it out.  It's part of the resources offered through Jarrett Library and as with all our electronic resources and databases, it is free for you to use 24/7 wherever you are.

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